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It's raining cats and dogs 🐱🐱☔🐶🐶

Written by Eleanor Wharton


Posted on 30 July 2019

It's feeling a little like summer is already over here (we know it's not really!) now that the heatwave has come to an end and the days are cool, windy and rainy. This is a tenuous link but since it's been raining cats and dogs outside, we thought we'd round up our some of our cats and dogs inside... in the form of mugs. Bear with us, it's been a slow day 😅

Sukie Folk Mugs - Finn the Dog and Mr Pawkins the Cat

Animal Folk Dog Earthenware Mug by Sukie     Animal Folk Cat Earthenware Mug by Sukie

We've always got a soft spot for a speckled mug but these earthenware beauties by Sukie are made even more special thanks to their unglazed bases which even have a maker's stamp pressed into the clay. Packed into adorable forest themed gift boxes, these are some of our favourites!


ARTHOUSE Unlimited Cats & Dogs Artist Designed Mugs

Cats China Mug by ARTHOUSE Unlimited    Dogs China Mug by ARTHOUSE Unlimited

ARTHOUSE Unlimited specialise in putting incredible artwork made by adults with epilepsy and learning difficulties onto homewares including these rather amazing bone china mugs. If avant-garde representations of our four legged friends is your thing, these mugs would be perfect. Absolutely at home in modern kitchens.


Natural Life Terracotta Cat & Dog Trinket Trays

Natural Life I Ruff You Terracotta Trinket Dish    Natural Life Purr-Fect Friend Terracotta Trinket Dish

Okay, not actually mugs but we love them so who cares?! These two adorable creatures come from Natural Life's range of terracotta trinket dishes. Ideal gifts for fur baby parents, these make it easy to say 'I ruff you' or tell someone they're a 'purr-fect friend' as well as providing a handy place to stash those little bits and bobs. Totally adorable!