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Picturemaps Ocean Life China Mug


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This absolutely stunning bone china mug features another fantastically colourful Picturemaps design detailing the life of the ocean. Taking you from the Sunlight Zone up to 200 metres down through to The Trenches at 11,000 metres, a wide variety of ocean creatures are illustrated where they typically dwell over a background of gradually deepening blue. Dolphins and flying fish leap over the waves above the sharks and whales of the Twilight Zone who swim over the squid and spider crabs of the Midnight Zone who themselves hover over the angler fish and lobsters of The Abyss before you finally reach the darkness of The Trenches. A wonderful mug for anyone fascinated by the life of the ocean!

  • 8.2cm diameter x 8.8cm bone china mug
  • 380ml capacity
  • Wrap-around design
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Hand finished and fired in the UK by McLaggan

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