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⚠️ Scrabble Mugs are back! Pre-order all letters now ⚠️

Written by Nel Parfitt


Posted on 03 June 2021

Exciting news came through today - our new Official Scrabble Mugs are FINALLY on their way which means the pre-order is now OPEN!

So many of you have been asking for these and we're just so delighted to have the full complement of letters winging their way to our warehouse as we type up this blog post. They should reach us in early July so we're anticipating starting to send out pre-orders on the 15th July, all things being well.

While these mugs are on longer made by Wild & Wolf (and are, in fact, being produced by our good selves!), they use the same original licensed Scrabble artwork and are the same size and shape so they should fit in right right alongside your existing letters if you're planning on adding to your collection. We worked extremely hard to re-produce that shade of Scrabble-tile cream and we think the results have been worth the effort - we hope you do to!

Official Scrabble Letter Mugs A to Z Alphabet Letters